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Grading Promotion Test Syllabus

KUP Grading Syllabus (7 years +) and CUBS Foundation syllabus (4 years - 6 years)

The Grading Promotion Syllabus outlines what is expected from the student in order for them to be promoted to their next coloured belt in Taekwondo.

We have two types of promotion test:

CUBS Foundation. This is for ages 4 years - 6 years and introduces the young children to elements of Taekwondo with a reward system that promotes and encourages healthy exercise, listening and motor and skills.  This early years programme are the building blocks that prepare them for when they reach 7 years and are then fully introduced into the full Taekwondo syllabus.




Full Taekwondo Syllabus (7 years, Juniors and adults)



















Every three months there will be a grading held with senior head coach Des Day and instructors.

In order to grade you will need:

  • To be fully insured and a member of KMA Sports Academy.

  • To of attended regular classes to show your commitment.

  • Have a clean Dobok / Uniform.

  • To of paid for your gradings in advance.  At least 1 week prior to the grading date.  Entries on the day WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  

  • Grading fee of:

  • £30.00 (12 years+)

  • £25.00 (7 years - 11 years)

  • £20.00 (AUBTKD)

  • £15.00 (CUBS Foundation)

Belts and promotion

Taekwondo has ranks called ‘Kup’. The grading / promotion test in Taekwondo consists mainly of patterns, ‘poomsae’, techniques, self defence, sparring and character skills. As well as demonstrating physical skills, demonstrating good character skills plays an important part in the promotion test.  Someone who has good physical skills and yet lacks good character skills doesn't earn them a promotion pass.

New students begin at 10th Kup (white belt) and advance down in number to 1st Kup. students then advance into an intermediate rank called meaning “black belt candidate”. After this the student takes a dan test, after which the student becomes a 1st dan black belt.

Kup ranks and belt colours

The coloured belt system represents the progression of a student from white, the innocence of a beginner to the maturity of the black belt.  Coloured belt sequence from white to black is as follows:

Payment of the grading fee can be made by:

Direct Bank payment:

Sort code: 07 04 36

Account No: 39557028

Taekwondo Kup grading belt sytem for KMA Sports Academy
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