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How to enjoy your Digital Dojang

  • If you are using a desktop or laptop, you will need to download Zoom software in advance - it's free. Click here. If you are using a phone or a device such as an iPad, you will need to Zoom app - also free. 

  • You will need to join the session using an access link, which will come from KMA Sports Academy or Des's social media posts or the homepage of this website.

  • Have your head/earphones or audio set from the laptop at the ready! When you join the session, you will be able to see/hear Coach Des or any of the other instructors who will coach you. You will also see the other students taking part. This is a really important part of the Digital Dojang as it helps everyone feel as though they are connected in a real type class training session. Don't worry if you'd rather just watch and join in, that's fine. You can turn off your camera at any time. 

  • If you're happy to, please spread some fun. Take a photo or video and share using the following hashtags #digitaldojang #kmasportsacademy 

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