Grading Promotion Test Application Form

Grading Application

Every quarter KMA Sports Academy will hold a grading promotion test; this is to help the student progress through their belts.  The gradings are open to ALL paid up members of the club. See membership page for details on costs of membership.
In order to grade you will need:

  • Be fully insured and a member of KMA Sports Academy.

  • Attended regular classes to show your commitment.

  • Have a clean Dobok / Uniform.

  • Paid for your gradings in advance.  At least 1 week prior to the grading date.  Entries and lapsed memberships on the day WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  

  • Grading fee of £30.00

  • Concession for 2 siblings £25.00 each

  • Concession for 3 siblings £20.00 each

  • COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION BOOKING FORM.  This can be found under the Events tab. 

Payment of the grading fee can be made by:

Direct Bank payment:

Sort code: 52 41 32

Account No: 07008716


Please complete the KUP grade application form and bring with you on the day of the promotion test.