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KMA Sports Academy started back in 1994.  Senior coach - Des Day, a former British team athlete and GB team coach has built the club with core values of integrity, indomitable spirit and team work being part of the DNA.

Des Day started his martial arts journey at the age of eight when he studied Shotokan Karate for 10 years under the inspirational leadership of Sensei Enoeda and Sensei Bob Poynton.

KMA (Kickers Martial Arts) Sports Academy covers all disciplines of World Taekwondo rules; including Olympic Sparring (full contact) and Technical displays as well as traditional martial arts including self defence and regular gradings to help you on your journey towards black belt and beyond.  

The classes accommodate all ages from 4yrs +

Our Cubs classes work with children from 4yrs - 6yrs

Our Tigers classes work with children 7yrs - 12yrs

Juniors and Family Classes - From 7 years - adults

TAEfit - CIRCUIT TRAINING Adults - 18yrs + (Coming Soon)

Why try Taekwondo?

  • Improve Self-Esteam

  • Build Confidence

  • Fitness

  • Develop Self-Discipline

  • Teach Safety Awareness and Self-Defence

KMA Sports Academy is a member of British Taekwondo
KMA Sports Academy taeches World Taekwondo style martrial arts
Adults & Childrens Fitness Classes
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