Just a quick thank you from me for Awesome Nights this Wednesday evening, my boy came home having had a fab evening, thanks again.Tessa Masterman - Play Opportunities Manager
Would just like to say that I took my son to the Saturday morning class today & Des was brilliant! My son enjoyed himself & you could see the kids get more confident & enjoy the lesson as time went on! You should definitely let your kids give it a go & spread the word! XSal A
I love Takewondo because it not only raises your fitness level, but also teaches key aspects of life; discipline, respect and most importantly, to have fun no matter what you are doing. Its a place where I feel I can relax, and learn something that is totally new to me. Jack Southgate
Kathy and I were discussing the seminar on Saturday and we both agree you are an exceptional teacher. It is a true pleasure to participate and watch you work (with a little jealousy) It is however, an unfortunately a fact of life that trying to do fast combat sports training at our age is is not a very good idea..Also it has to be said, your enthusiasm is infectious and I want to just with the flow. And now, we are both suffering. But for me it was worth it! I am not trying to massage your ego, I’m simply stating fact! Niall Grange - 6th Dan
We are so grateful to you for your support of this year’s Healthweek. Your involvement greatly enhanced the children’s experience during this week and they have benefited from the time you have taken to share your knowledge and expertise with them. The opportunity to participate in your TaeKwonDo workshop gave them the chance to be active and experience one of the martial arts as an enjoyable form of exercise. Mrs Charlotte Oosthuizen - Headteacher Talbot House Preparatory School