• Rio 2016 – What a result

    I’ve always been an avid watcher of the Olympics and these Rio games have truly delivered a platter of awe inspiring series of events.

    Great Britain smashed their medal target for the 2016 Olympics, achieved a succession of notable ‘firsts’ and caused a major stir by finishing second in the table, above global powerhouse China.

    Of the 366 athletes that went to the Rio Games for Team GB, 129 of them – just over 35% – returned with a medal, including every member of the 15-strong track cycling team.

    BBC Sport looks at Britain’s Brazilian exploits in detail: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/37132833

    GB medal breakdown

    A medal in 19 sports

    • Of 31 sports, GB finished on the podium in 19 – a strike rate of just over 61%. That percentage is even better if you remove the six sports – basketball, football, handball, volleyball, water polo and wrestling – Britain were not represented in. Then it jumps to 76%.
    • The United States won medals in 22 sports, including 16 swimming golds.
    • In terms of golds, GB were way ahead of the pack, finishing with at least one in 15 sports, more than any other country, even the United States.
    • GB dominated track cycling, winning six of 10 disciplines and collecting 11 medals in total, nine more than the Dutch and Germans in joint second.
    • GB also topped the rowing table, with three golds – one more than Germany and New Zealand – and third second in the gymnastics, behind the US and Russia.

    GB medal breakdown