• Pre-School confidence building classes

    Pre-School confidence building class.

    If your scratching your head and want something for your child to do; then consider bringing them along to the Saturday morning kids fitness activity class in Bournemouth.

    Based at the Beehive Studio, 129-131 Belle Vue Road , Southbourne , Bournemouth , BH6 3EN.  These classes are aimed at introducing children from 4yrs old to a fun active class whilst learning basic life skills.  Classes are taught by ex national TaeKwonDo champion and Coach to the British team who carries all the CRB/DBS credentials.  Perfect for preparing your child for Pre-school which will help build confidence and their social skills.

    Activities can include, fitness training with agility hoops, running and racing games, catch & tag where they have to retrieve one another’s coloured ribbon.  They will learn to listen to instruction, respect one another, shake hands and introduce themselves. They will be introduced to elements of TaeKwonDo which will teach them basics of the Olympic sport.

    To find out more simply bring your child along to the class which starts at 9:30am.  They’ll have an hours worth of expelling all their energy and learning key motor and listening skills at the same time.


    Contact Des Day on 07885 381355 for more details or simply drop in.

  • Catch & Tag

    For those Cubs & Tigers coming to Saturday’s class at Southbourne, we have a new game ready…  Catch and Tag Game is a fast paced game for all levels that requires quick reactions whilst great fun to play. You can play as a team or as individual with two lives, the Velcro strips easily detach by means of a tug. The last player / colour standing is the winner, watch as the players block and duck to prevent their ribbon being taken.