Insurance & Membership

For the Cubs (ages 4-6yrs) there is no annual membership and insurance costs
; as this age group will be learning elements of Taekwondo in a fun active class.

Tigers 7yrs+ It’s important that this group are fully insured and are paid up members of KMA Sports Academy and also British TaeKwonDo.
Insurance and Membership FEES are as follows:
£30.00 per year (if renewed before their licence expires)
£40.00 per year (if renewed 1-3 months after their licence expires)
£45.00 (if renewed 3 months+ after their expiry date)

Without insurance and membership unfortunately you will not be allowed to train.

In addition to the annual Insurance and Membership you would need to pay for the training / coaching sessions which are: £5.00 pay as you go / Concessions for two siblings training from the same family: £8.00

Grading Fees – Every three months a grading test takes place, this is optional but gives you the opportunity to be promoted to the next belt:  Grading Exam Fee £30.00