Kup / Dan grade Syllabus

Training Kup and Dan grade Syllabus (2013) KMA Sports Academy

The practise of Taekwondo covers a wide range of disciplines and purposes, including sparring (kyorugi), forms (poomsae), breaking (kyukpa) and self-defence (hoshinsul). British Taekwondo’s aim is to provide high quality Taekwondo experiences for all members, whatever aspects of taekwondo they

choose to focus on and whatever age they are.

These are the minimum recommendations from the British Taekwondo Martial Arts Technical Team (MATT) for safely teaching the syllabus from 10th kup (white belt) to 8th dan, in conjunction with the British Taekwondo insurance recommendations. The fundamental principle in all training is that safety
must come first.  As a British Taekwondo instructor, coach or examiner, your judgement in designing and implementing lesson plans must take into account the age, ability, health, weight, medical condition and grade of each student. Please note that any techniques taught and learned at lower grades should also be maintained and assessed at subsequent grades. In this syllabus, we only list the techniques introduced at each grade. In designing this syllabus, MATT has thoroughly investigated and considered the differences in performance levels and abilities of all age groups.  We have confidence that our instructors, coaches
and examiners will apply this syllabus and its underlying principles to their lesson planning and kup promotion tests.