• No class Saturday 18th March


    Please note that there will be no KMA Sports class at SHOKK Gym Bournemouth this Saturday the 18th March.  The class swill resume on Saturday 25th March.  Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all on my return.

    All the best
    Des Day


  • Saturday class

    Please note that this Saturday 18th Feb class for KMA Sports Academy students at SHOKK Gym will be closed as we’ll be attending the competition in Bristol.  We have a strong team of 12 players, for the majority it’s their first event.

    Our class will resume the following weekend.

    Kind regards

    Des Day


  • UK Chung Do Kwan Championships poster

    Download the Competition Poster for Bristol event on the 18th February 2017.



    Hosted by UK Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo; the event will take place at:

    Date: Saturday 18th February 2017


    Place: Keynsham Leisure Centre, Temple Street, Keynsham, Nr Bristol.  BS31 1HE




    All competitors will be divided into TWO main divisions: 10-5 Kup and 4th Kup and above. Final

    categories will be decided when all entries have been received. There will be places for 1 x 1st, 1 x 2nd

    and 1 x 3rd.



    4- 8 years

    Best Forward Roll (on Crash Mat)

    Long Jump Kick (on Crash Mat)



    These will be divided into 3 categories:

    Kukkiwon Poomsae

    ITF Patterns

    Weapons Forms



    Competitors will perform individually and be scored according to performance. The competitors

    with the highest score will be declared the winner. NO LIVE BLADES or WOODEN NUNCHAKU. Safety

    weapons ONLY.


    POINT-STOP SPARRING (Light Contact): (1 x 1 ½ minute round or first to 10 points)

    1 point for controlled punch to head (not face) or body –

    2 points for a controlled kick to the body

    3 points for a controlled kick to the head (not face)

    5 points for a controlled jumping kick (both feet of ground) to a legitimate target area

    No hook punches or spinning back fist. No holding or Sweeps. No attack below the belt. Excessive contact or drawing of blood will result in immediate disqualification.

    Safety equipment: Head guard, Gum shield, groin guard, shin guards, Boots, Covered finger gloves (Not Boxing Gloves). No hand wraps.



    International rules as adapted – Please note No Headshots for players of 17years and younger.

    Safety equipment: Hogu, Heard Guard, Gum Shield (White or transparent only), Groin Guards, Shin Guard, Forearm Guards, Instep protector, Approved mitts. ONLYBlue and Red orWhiteHead guards are permitted preferably matching the colour of the Hogu worn by the contestant during each match.



    All competitors must wear a Martial Arts uniform. No mix ‘n’ match, shorts, Vests or cut off shirts etc. All UKCDK officials MUST wear a UKCDKT shirt/blouse and tie and light weight training shoes. Officials from other organisation’s in attendance MUST wear smart shirt/blouse and tie with light weight training shoes.

    Clubs/competitors must provide their own equipment


    We request that all clubs provide a minimum of 3 Officials who are suitably dressed in Shirt/Blouse and tie, with trousers and light weight training shoes.

    Special UKCDK Shirt & Tie sets for officials may be purchased in advance at for £25.00 + P&P.

    Officials will be expected to act professionally and with impartiality in the interests of fairness and equality for all competitors.


    The aim of the championship is to provide encouragement to people to take an interest in competitive Martial Arts to promote their club/school. A good and enjoyable experience for all competitors is essential if clubs participating are to benefit. This is about everyone, not just elite performers.

    It is therefore in the interest of all clubs and officials to ensure a fair and friendly environment and that the event runs quickly and smoothly.

    Clubs must submit details of their officials with the competitor application forms.



    The closing date for applications is 9th February 2017



    Payment for entries may be made direct to Halifax Account 10118162 Sort code 11-04-19.

    The organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the rules as is necessary.


  • Competition

    Southern Area Open TaeKwonDo Championships 2016

    What a great opportunity for novices and those with experience to enjoy the delights of WTF – TaeKwonDo competition.  Hosted by  Panther TaeKwonDo, this event has always been well organised by their entire team.  This event will take place at The Oasis Academy, Romsey Road, Lords Hill, Southampton. SO16 8FA on Sun 16th Oct 2016.  There will be two disciplines taking place: Sparring & Poomsae, you can have the opportunity to put your skills to the test in both categories or simply enter one of them.

    For students from KMA Sports Academy please ask your immediate instructor for further details, please also remember you must have a valid insurance and membership licence.  Please see the download form below.  Please complete with your name and bring along to the KMA Sports class, with the appropriate fee.  Your coach will help complete the other details. 

          Competition Address

    SUNDAY 16th October 2016

    Oasis Academy

    Romsey Road

    Lord`s Hill, Southampton

    SO16 8FA (Sat nav SO16 0XN)




    Should you have any immediate questions please contact: Des Day 07885 381355.


  • Rio 2016 – What a result

    I’ve always been an avid watcher of the Olympics and these Rio games have truly delivered a platter of awe inspiring series of events.

    Great Britain smashed their medal target for the 2016 Olympics, achieved a succession of notable ‘firsts’ and caused a major stir by finishing second in the table, above global powerhouse China.

    Of the 366 athletes that went to the Rio Games for Team GB, 129 of them – just over 35% – returned with a medal, including every member of the 15-strong track cycling team.

    BBC Sport looks at Britain’s Brazilian exploits in detail: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/37132833

    GB medal breakdown

    A medal in 19 sports

    • Of 31 sports, GB finished on the podium in 19 – a strike rate of just over 61%. That percentage is even better if you remove the six sports – basketball, football, handball, volleyball, water polo and wrestling – Britain were not represented in. Then it jumps to 76%.
    • The United States won medals in 22 sports, including 16 swimming golds.
    • In terms of golds, GB were way ahead of the pack, finishing with at least one in 15 sports, more than any other country, even the United States.
    • GB dominated track cycling, winning six of 10 disciplines and collecting 11 medals in total, nine more than the Dutch and Germans in joint second.
    • GB also topped the rowing table, with three golds – one more than Germany and New Zealand – and third second in the gymnastics, behind the US and Russia.

    GB medal breakdown

  • Assistant Coach / Instructor needed for the Childrens classes

    KMA Sports Academy has been running for many years and been coached by Des Day former national GB team player and coach. I am looking for an assistant TaeKwonDo Coach / Instructor to help me run the Children’s Saturday morning classes aged 4-11yrs old in Southbourne, Dorset. The class starts at 9:30 and finishes at 11:30am.

    The ideal person would have the following skills and experiences:

    1/ TaeKwonDo practitioner preferably WTF style.
    2/ Minimum rank Red belt (2nd kup)
    3/ DBS checked (if not one must be done)
    4/ Be reliable.
    5/ Be an inspirational teacher.
    6/ Enjoy working with children.

    If you are interested please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks
    Des Day
    07885 381355
    KMA Sports Academy

  • SAT 11th & Sat 18th Classes at SHOKK Gym

    Hi all KMA students,

    Please note that on Sat 11th and Sat 18th June both KMA Taekwondo classes at SHOKK Gym , Bournemouth (Above Sainsbury’s) will be closed.  They will resume on Sat 25th June.  Sorry for the short notice.

    Best regards
    Des Day

  • TaeKwonDo Gradings

    The KMA Sports Academy TaeKwonDo gradings take place on Sunday 4th October at Wyvern College, Botley Rd, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 7AN.  The event starts at 10:30am and will finish around 1:30pm.   If you’ve been practicing the WTF style of TaeKwondo and have a current licence book you will be eligible to grade.  The grading panel consists of chief examiner Des Day (5th dan – kukkiwon registered) and Ed Fraser (4th dan Kukkiwon registered)

    The gradings will be open from white belt (10th kup) to Red belt (2nd kup)

    Things to do prior to the gradings

    Should you have any questions please contact myself or Ed

    Mobile number: 07885 381355 (Des Day)
    Mobile number: 0741 2666736 (Ed Fraser)

    Best regards

    Coach Des Day


  • Competition Sunday 11th Oct

    Southern Area Open Championships 2015

    Panther Taekwondo are the organisers for this years 2015 Southern Area Open TaeKwonDo Championships.  The event will be held at Toynbee School, Bodycoats Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. SO53 2PL.  There will be two disciplines A) Poomsae – this is an event that allows the competitor to display their technical skills by performing the patterns form their gradings.; this often shows speed, power, accuracy of each Poomsae performed.  B) Kyorugi – This discipline is what all the buzz has been about in the Olympics; the competitors are kitted out with head guards, body armour, shin pads, foot and hand protectors. Each competitor will try and accumulate points by striking the body armour with their foot, the ones who score the most amount of points inevitably is the winner.

    Both disciplines offer a great opportunity for all players novice and experienced to taste of a well run event where all parties can enjoy the full TaeKwonDo experience.

    Event details:

    Date: 11th October 2015

    Toynbee School
    Bodycoats Road
    Chandlers Ford
    SO53 2PL

    Weigh in time: 8:15am
    Competition starts: 9:30am
    Fees: Kyorugi £15.00 / Poomsae £15.00 / Both £20.00
    Spectators: Adults: £4.00  / Children: £2.00  / Families (2 adults/2 children) £10.00