• UK Chung Do Kwan Championships poster

    Download the Competition Poster for Bristol event on the 18th February 2017.

  • TaeKwonDo Gradings

    The KMA Sports Academy TaeKwonDo gradings take place on Sunday 4th October at Wyvern College, Botley Rd, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 7AN.  The event starts at 10:30am and will finish around 1:30pm.   If you’ve been practicing the WTF style of TaeKwondo and have a current licence book you will be eligible to grade.  The grading panel consists of chief examiner Des Day (5th dan – kukkiwon registered) and Ed Fraser (4th dan Kukkiwon registered)

    The gradings will be open from white belt (10th kup) to Red belt (2nd kup)

    Things to do prior to the gradings

    Should you have any questions please contact myself or Ed

    Mobile number: 07885 381355 (Des Day)
    Mobile number: 0741 2666736 (Ed Fraser)

    Best regards

    Coach Des Day


  • New WTF Competition Rules Jan 2015

    The new World TaeKwonDo Federation Sparring Competition Rules as from January 2015

    The most recent interpretation of the WTF TaeKwonDo Sparring rules are available below.  For the competitors pay particular attention to Article 12 on page 24 – Valid Points.

    In summary:

    Scoring Areas
    1.1 Trunk: The blue or red colored area of the trunk protector
    1.2 Head: The entire head above the bottom line of the head protector
    2 Criteria for valid point(s):
    2.1 Point(s) shall be awarded when a permitted technique is delivered to the scoring areas of the trunk with a proper level of impact.
    2.2 Point(s) shall be awarded when a permitted technique is delivered to the scoring areas of the head.
    2.3 If PSS is used, determination of the validity of the technique, level of impact, and/or valid contact to the scoring
    area shall be made by the electronics coring system. These PSS determinations shall not be subject to Instant Video Replay.
    2.4 The WTF Technical Committee shall determine the required level of impact and sensitivity of the PSS, using different scales in consideration of weight category, gender, and age groups. In certain circumstances as deemed necessary the Technical Delegate may recalibrate the valid level of impact.
    3 The valid points are as follows.
    3.1 One (1) point for a valid attack on trunk protector
    3.2 Three(3) points for a valid turning kick to the trunk protector
    3.3 Three (3) points for a valid kick to the head
    3.4 Five(5) points for a valid turning kick to the head
    3.5 One(1) point awarded for every two Kyungos or every one Gamjeom given to the opponent contestant
    4 Match score shall be the sum of points of the three rounds.
    5 Invalidation of point(s): When a contestant records points while using prohibited act(s):
    5.1 If the prohibited act was instrumental to the scoring of the point(s), the referee shall declare the penalty for the prohibited act and invalidate of the point(s).
    5.2 However, if the prohibited act was not instrumental to earn the point, the referee may penalize the prohibited act but not invalidate the point(s).